Javier Etchevarren, Fable of an Inconsolable Man

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Translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies. Poverty Studies. Urban Studies. ISBN: 978-0-900-57595-2 $12 Even the most beautiful, this fracture of love, breaking my spirit, forcing me to joy— I abandon. If the abyss before birth had a voice, [...]

Farid Tali, Prosopopoeia

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Fiction ISBN: 978-0-9898048-6-8 Release Date: December 15, 2016 $12   “I couldn’t get used to the idea that this process might come to a halt. Of course, it was better for the limbs of this body that the dismantling [...]

Josué Guébo, My Country, tonight

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Poetry ISBN: 978-0-900575-90-7 Release Date September, 2016 $12 Ivorian poet Josué Guébo’s My country, tonight, translated by Todd Fredson, engages with the turbulence surrounding the 2011 ousting of president Laurent Gbagbo by French and UN forces and its subsequent civil [...]