Carrion Flowers Suite

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Buy $25 In a world of dismaying and oppressive absolutes, James Pate traces the political urgency of the Gothic in Flowers Among the Carrion: “There is nothing escapist about dreams: instead, they are a currency in our waking world, [...]

Incorruptible Autumn

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$20 Receive two new Action Books titles: My Country, Tonight by Josué Guébo, trans. Todd Fredson and OVERPOUR by Jane Wong Regular Price: $32 Sale Price: $20

Forthcoming Titles

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Action Books: Forthcoming Titles Spring 2016: Kim Hyesoon trans. Don Mee Choi, Poor Love Machine taylor jacob pate, Becoming the Virgin  Fall 2016: Jane Wong, Overpour  Valerie Hsiung, exchange following and gene flow: a trilogy Farid Tali trans. Aditi Machado, [...]


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A Season In Hell: Winter Subscription Receive new Action Books titles: This Blue Novel by Valerie Mejer Caso trans. Michelle Gil-Montero Ashagalomancy by Abraham Smith Plus a pre-release copy of: Cheer Up, Femme Fatale by Kim Yideum  trans. Ji yoon [...]