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Action Books authors Raúl Zurita and Aase Berg will read and discuss poetry at the Rotterdamn International Poetry Festival this June 5-11. Here’s the full program of events.

From Anna Deeny Morales’s introduction to Zurita’s work:

“Zurita’s recitals throughout the world and his experimentation with poetic forms, sites of language and materials, have drawn thousands together to experience a poetry that can be held as much within the hand and mind as in the earth and atmosphere. And yet, despite this remarkable breadth of poetic endeavors, he believes that all of it is ‘an extension of Purgatory zones,’ as if it were written to represent a memory and the wreckage that followed.”


From Johannes Göransson’s introduction to Aase Berg’s work:


Over the past two decades, Berg has gone from a member of a radical, subversive underground group, to a writer of influential and widely written-about books published by the biggest Swedish press. Yet she has maintained a fierce poetic outlook, continually challenging and provoking not just a cultural status quo, but also the ‘black vein’ of her own sensibilities.