We proudly present the second installment of Action Books’ N O I S E M A K E R S, a new monthly series that recognizes poets, translators, and poet-translators whose recently published work pushes boundaries, goes too far, to far extremes: the out of sight. All pieces are nominated by Action Blog contributors. This monthly list aims to recognize 1) interlingual, sonically dynamic, genre-defying poems / poems-in-translation that resist the status quo and 2) celebrate the editors of journals and presses that continue to publish groundbreaking, high-risk poetry!



N O I S E M A K E R S   –   J U N E  2 0 2 0


Sin Sol, Hello

by micha cárdenas (Published by @Salon)


Translation is a Mode = Translation is an Anti-Neocolonial Mode

by Don Mee Choi (Published by Ugly Duckling Presse)


from The Talents

by Lauren Hunter (Published by Iterant)


Sierra Leone

by Shayla Lawson (Published by @Salon)


Like Weather

by Ella Longpre, Erinrose Mager, and Bin Ramke (Published by Echoverse)


what a weird poem this is when the ram

by Nora Iuga and translated by Diana Manole (Published by Exchanges)



by Iulia Militaru and translated by Claudia Serea (Published by The Brooklyn Rail)


Tourist Threesomes

by Urayoán Noel (Published by @Salon)


Break in Case of Emergency Poem

by Sampson Starkweather (Published by Iterant)


“Ungula” from Ungula

by Garett Strickland (Published by Inside the Castle)


As an Excuse

by Stéphane Bouquet and translated by Lindsay Turner (Published by New Delta Review)


The Last Poem of June

by Blanca Varela and translated by Carlos Lara (Published by New Delta Review)


from the marilyn hold

by Laura Yasan and translated by Phoebe Bay Carter (Published by The Brooklyn Rail)



by Kate Zambreno