“…there are a few rare individuals destined to reach the farthest limits, to surmount the ultimate obstacles.”

-Pierre Mabille


It seems one is left to work on corroded methane tablets as if left to work with nothing. It seems as though one is mal-adjusted, exhausted, mimicked by unfavorable rote. One is then told that psychic confinement is the state of the natural order, that under every circumstance this restriction need be corroborated by language as quotidian reduction. As poet one remains consumed by black radii and tension. In this circumstance the poet remains susceptible to collective psychic squalls, to viral winds from duplicitous infernos. Therefore the poet remains shifted as if the higher mind were nothing other than linkage to dust. Thus the poet remains a pronoun sullied by cursory debits, by numbers, by recidivist equators spinning without motion and creativity is rendered by old spectrometers and error. The creative spirit is understood to be matched with a wooden alter possessing and repossessing its own weight simply to condone exterior proclamation.

During these latter days it has been the poet’s wont to elliptically dwell in absence pledging revolt by lacunae. Within this condition the poet becomes gemstone vapour, an enigmatic ghost, an inclement cipher. Not a diabolical labour or construction by blazeless foment. Certainly this remains a condition never explained in deference to mechanical ideology or to strictures that separate darkness from light. What remains of concern here being the poet as spore intermingled with mystery. Even when witnessing oneself as a kind of elliptical heron the poet seems assaulted by factors akin to devolution. Espying one’s lingual odyssey across stage after incomplete stage there sets in deeper brooding concerning this incompleteness. Thus one remains within one’s own poetic breeding concerning the state of one’s incompleteness. Thus one becomes a riddle within one’s own inner environ not unlike occulted formation burning via inward brightness. Thus as lingual practitioner one burns within glass as darkened mercury taking root within seminal agitation. This agitation takes on the tenor of the unscripted, never witness, via the outer capacity that is the physical eye. Alchemical nettling if you will at one with alacrity much in the manner that fresh suns burn, in the way that diamonds are fueled. Thus one’s interior personality remains inscrutable and simultaneous with its growth as hidden property. This hidden property is none other than nigredo that blazes. Solely judged by exterior incident the poet cannot be portrayed properly assessed by topical portent as crucial encounter. Thus interaction at lesser outer level can never magnify invisible tremor when contrasted with the poet who, I argue, carries the crucial body of long-term experience.

Because the State continues to ignite itself as stark civilian leprosy it now fully attempts to monitor thought forms so that the conscious mind remains brokered, and analysed and distributed like a parcel via electric flash. Thus dissension is monitored and is no longer hazardous as threat. The populace seems controlled as generic integer according the state generic integer, according the State power via its means of presumptuous display. The alphabet according to its arrogance remains at fixed pacing, coded at times by systemic infection scattered at times by random sub-matter. This consists of a mental climate where inner torrents suggest nothing other than starkly implanted stasis. Yet it remains foreign to original inner surges never quite calculable to the din that rages as imaginable sub-matter. Inner volcanism in the mind never condones starkly implanted stasis. Thus patternless inner originality can never be surveyed and squared according to meaningless docility. There can never be a centripetal code that does this or does that and that translates mystery into plain spoken context.

Thus the poet remains a mysterious transparency and at the highest level of language can never be reconciled by describing artifacts for genetic consumption. Language in its higher state transmutes as centripetal colour and takes on power as transparency. There can never be gross statistical constant aligned with blinded purchase as habit. Lingual instinct can never be subsumed by error formed as critical judgement. The poet can never be claimed due to blank unseasonable engagement. Thus lingual activity persists as perdurable constant, ceaseless and without option, all the while attacked for carrying out the higher density it possesses.

As poet one subsists via telepathic consumption and because of such consumption one seems to consist of nothing other than apparition leaking beyond common purview. Because of this leakage one takes on the aura of threat all the while being associated with mazes, with vertiginous in-categorical ciphers. Being marginal energy this leakage is defined as surreptitious, distractive, without defined material component. One seems to escape beyond linear measure and is understood to be threatening via mystery summoned from in-consequence. Because linear order persists as ideology the poet remains silently excoriated by energy that seems to fuel public order. Since public order has been shaken to such an extreme degree linear order is provoked according to magnification of psychic suffocation. Thus the public persuades itself to do away with energy that fosters conundrums. When search for neo-evidence falters, basic integers are strung together as forceful neo-evidence. Palpable result is thus providing reality with accessible shapes and squares so as to enumerate palpable  measure. This being none other than blazeless organizing theory. Since it is known that gravitational alignment exists as anomaly and exists at the behest of quantum realia. Alignment or linear factor allows planetary distance via light year arrangement. As for inner sensibility this arrangement remains as in-navigable cipher, via the approximate as analysis.

One now asks, what is salt over and above its current premise within the realm of calculation? What is the source and depth of its stated desert? I am existing through the throes of initial matter akin to the magical dark crops that sprung from the Nile. This latter growth cannot be consulted according to standard mental exhibit by agreed upon principles that now pass intact from the necropolis of learning. I am thinking of other conditions for psychic scales of view. This being another planetary resonance that exists as rays breaking through darkened alchemical mirrors. This being a plane rife with invisibility, with powerful electrical surges that execute themselves via seeming liability, as strange electrical surges that execute themselves via spectacular revelation.


-from The Contortionist Whispers (now available from Radioactive Cloud)






Will Alexander is a poet, novelist, essayist, playwright, philosopher, visual artist and pianist, who is approaching 40 titles in the aforementioned genres. He is the poet-in-residence at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center in Venice, California. He lives in Los Angeles.