“Twofolding” / “Doblaje” from GAME(R)OVER

By Giancarlo Huapaya

Translated by Ryan Greene














In the section Twofolding, the verses “for wandering in place / for the nomad never leaves / the confines of the mind”, “where you can’t be / in maps / as with your thoughts”, and “the desert is the landscape of coordinated / disappearance” come from Brandon Shimoda’s The Desert. The verse “darkness also / travels at the speed of      light” comes from Mario Montalbetti’s book Cinco segundos en el horizonte. The verses “YOU ARE HERE → ● / blood runs through the data bank / meeting up crossing paths    getting a move on through the system” and “a mapped overlay        a red line charting the course / shifting through      the stacks of frosted glass” come from The Network by Jena Osman. The texts “a series of actions / that are repeated, / and that allow       some bodies to take up / space     by restricting the mobility     of others” and “public spaces / take shape       through the habitual / actions of     bodies” and “spaces are     like a second skin / that unfolds in      the folds of the body” are from Queer phenomenology by Sara Ahmed and “I bring my past encounters with me     when I arrive” is a modified verse from this book. The verse “paint more brown into the plot” comes from Milk & Filth by Carmen Giménez Smith. The verse “light is that visible animal of the invisible” is from Lezama Lima. The texts about Sheriff Arpaio come from the report “The Notorious Record of Maricopa County, AZ’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio” published by America’s Voice.





















En la sección Doblaje, los versos “para vagar en su lugar / porque el nómade nunca abandona / los confines de la mente”, “donde no puedes estar / en los mapas / como en tus pensamientos” y “el desierto es el paisaje de la desaparición / coordinada” son del libro The Desert de Brandon Shimoda. Los versos “también la oscuridad / viaja a la velocidad de la     luz” son de Mario Montalbetti de su libro Cinco segundos en el horizonte. Los versos “ESTÁS AQUÍ → ● / la sangre corre por el banco de datos / encontrarse cruzarse de caminos      moverse a través del sistema” and “una superposición cartográfica      una línea roja que traza el curso / desplazándose a través de        montones de vidrio esmerilado” provienen de The Network de Jena Osman. Los textos “una serie de acciones / que se repiten, / y que permiten     que unos cuerpos ocupen / espacio       restringiendo la movilidad de    otros.” y “los espacios públicos / toman forma     a través de las acciones / habituales de los      cuerpos” y “los espacios son    como una segunda piel / que se despliega en      los pliegues del cuerpo” son de Queer Phenomenology de Sara Ahmed y “traigo mis encuentros pasados      cuando llego” es un verso intervenido de ese libro. El verso “pinta esta trama más morena” proviene de Milk & Filth de Carmen Giménez Smith. El verso “luz es ese animal visible de lo invisible” es de Lezama Lima. Textos sobre Sheriff Arpaio vienen de un reporte llamado “The Notorious Record of Maricopa County, AZ’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio” publicado por America’s Voice. Las traducciones son mías.






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An Interview with Translator Ryan Greene






Giancarlo Huapaya (Lima, Peru) has published three collections of poetry, most recently, Taller Sub Verso (Sub Verse Workshop) (2011, 2013, 2020). He is Founder and Editor of Cardboard House Press, a nonprofit publishing house for Latin American and Spanish literature in translation. As a curator of visual poetry, he has presented exhibits at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco and the University of Arizona Poetry Center in Tucson. As a literary translator, he has translated into Spanish work by Muriel Rukeyser, C.D. Wright, Susan Briante, and Carmen Giménez Smith, among others. Photo credit: Christian Medina

Ryan Greene (b.1994) is a translator, poet, and book-farmer from Phoenix, Arizona. He’s the instigator behind F*%K IF I KNOW//BOOKS, and he’s translated work by Claudina Domingo, Elena Salamanca, Ana Belén López, Giancarlo Huapaya, and Yaxkin Melchy, among others. Since 2018, he has facilitated the Cardboard House Press Cartonera Collective bookmaking workshops at Palabras Bilingual Bookstore. Like Collier, the ground he stands on is not his ground.


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