It all started with a face. The face had been a kite. (The kite had been a face.)

Or before. It had started with an obsession. There had been an obsession in making, in the production and distribution of the miniature. The secret of what could be held in a pocket, the secret of passing myself around.

Or before. It could have started with the mail. With a reverence for those who have used the mail, who have used the face. For a love of Ray Johnson. For a love of ephemera. For the love of my friends.

This here little book is the first of the trilogy About Face. It is about faces as much as books, book-making, lines of connection, disparate community, and the extension of intimate acts into hands and rooms beyond my own.

Each book is handmade from one sheet of paper, with cardstock covers and Letraset type, in editions of 26 lettered copies (+ a few unlettered as extras). They are gifted to anyone who expresses interest as long as they are available. As of September, 2021, About Face 1 & 2 are out of print.








































Noah Ross is a bookseller, editor, and poet based in Berkeley, CA. The author of Active Reception (Nightboat Books, 2021), Types (Nion Editions, 2021), and Swell (Otis Books / Seismicity Editions, 2019), Noah edits Baest: a journal of queer forms & affects.