Ukraine 1986: pathways





New Mexico, 1945: the boneshaker’s children






Nagasaki 1945: afterwind





Hiroshima 1945: 700 mg









“M U T A T I O N S” used Hay Kranen’s PHP Markov chain text generator to defamiliarize and scramble a year’s worth of my notes on nuclear power and the effects of atomic weapons, as well as two quotes from Hiroshima survivors Keiji Nakgawa and Michihiko Hachiya:

“Oh heavy rain… come and wash away… all those sad things… and the black threads that binds us to the Atomic Bomb…”  Keiji Nakagawa, Struck By Black Rain, Vol. 1, Chap. 2: The Black Thread

“It seems I was in Tokyo after the great earthquake and around me were decomposing bodies heaped in piles, all of whom were looking right at me. I saw an eye sitting on the palm of a girl’s hand. Suddenly it turned and leaped into the sky and then it came flying back towards me, so that, looking up, I could see a great bare eyeball, bigger than life, hovering over my head, staring point blank at me. I was powerless to move. I awakened short of breath and with my heart pounding.”

Michihiko Hachiya, survivor of the Hiroshima bombing, a dream

Most of this information and nuclear terminology came from the following sources:

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C. Samuel Rees is a Pennsylvania-born poet, teacher, and MFA candidate with the New Writers Project at the University of Texas in Austin. He subsists on a steady diet of eco-theory, weird fiction, and horror movies. His work has appeared in Sonora Review, The Shore Poetry, Frontier Poetry, Bat City Review, Rust + Moth, Grimoire Magazine, and elsewhere. Selections from Bomb Pulse, an ongoing series of poems exploring lineal, national, and personal culpability in U.S. nuclear history and atrocities, appeared in Issue 13 of Territory.