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motherworld: a devotional from the alter-life: Lightbearing Afrofuturism from Destiny Hemphill

The Prelude: Dank, upsurgent pastoralia from Marty Cain

Something Evergreen Called Life: Nightpiercing songs of exile and intimacy from Sudanese poet Rania Mamoun translated by Yasmine Seale

Zakwato & Loglêdou’s Peril: A Double Translation: Wide-awake, ingenious prophecy from Ivorian poet Azo Vauguy translated by Todd Fredson


News from our Reading Period!

Lit-up by the electricity, variousness and volatility of the 300+ manuscripts we received in our open reading period, we decided to explode our plans and publish 13 books over the coming three years. (Asterisks indicate 2022 Open Reading Selections.)



The Prelude* by Marty Cain

motherworld: a devotional for the alter-life* by Destiny Hemphill

Something Evergreen Called Life by Rania Mamoun
Translated from the Arabic by Yasmine Seale

Zakwato & Loglêdou’s Peril: A Double Translation by Azo Vauguy
Translated from the French by Todd Fredson



Surface Studies* (Salvo Series #6) by Mike Corrao

Lara Glenum’s Snow White by Lara Glenum

Cute Girls Watch When I Eat Aether* by Mai Ivfjäll

midnight minutes by Víctor Rodríguez Núñez
Translated from the Spanish by Katherine M. Hedeen

Friends with Everyone* by Gunnar Wærness
Translated by Gabriel Gudding



Burning the Losses by Antonio Gamoneda
Translated from the Spanish by Katherine M. Hedeen and Víctor Rodríguez Núñez

W&E: A Refracted Translation of Wulf and Eadwacer* by M.L. Martin

Death at the Very Touch / The Cold* by Jaime Sáenz
Translated from the Spanish by Ted Dodson and Kit Schluter

Call the Necromancer* by Leia Penina Wilson

& Intoducing . . . Action Fokus!

To go further to support our community of writers and readers, we will launch a new web initiative, Action Fokus, which will feature major excerpts from the manuscripts submitted to us, bulletins curated by guest editors, and other forms of dialogue between writers and among writers and readers.

Stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter for more info! And please allow us to realize these ambitious plans by buying books, or asking your local library to do same!

—Action Books Staff