VO text:


a loamy off season, blazing fields of christ
trade winds’ reverse migration no more
sallies keeping mum re: prewar hindsight,
them’s the neutrals, the levers for blue-liners,
hormone antagonized
smile clicks to release rarest paradise
helming windows
from which autarky issues forth
sluttier pro formas, like the eternal catcall you run
neither away from nor toward, quoth mom
as kinder, the sun: it’s everywhere.
clot of winter’s graze, permafrosted tranches glisten in small
concentric dependencies
we swab temples ‘neath butchered nom
in all lumen writ, all that veal,
velvet bows, velvet fifths, equally
doomed rings for Il Duce
to break the carpal of one’s vacant heart
black chore coat scraps for mourning hive
amazon bogarts brazilian flame, this poison’s
all warning.






alex cruse is a writer and interdisciplinary artist living on Chochenyo Ohlone land. Author of CONTRAVERSE (Timeless, Infinite Light, 2017) and ZERO ENERGY EXPERIMENTAL PILE (Compline, 2020). Frequently collaborates with Kevin CK Lo, as DROUGHT SPA.