Pop Corpse!
by Lara Glenum

Poetry. Drama.
ISBN: 9780983148050
1 May 2013

“Father lend me your megabone / & I’ll lend u my shotgun mouth”. A radiant brew of emoticon opera, fairytale fan-fiction, and chat-room flame war, Pop Corpse! follows a heroine mermaid on her devoutly disarming search for “realness.” Along the way, Glenum dismantles pieties of both the left and the right, proposing new models of configuring text, voice, body and species-hood for those who swim in the increasingly fetid waters of the 21st century.

“Her words blur and hiss like a radio not quite tuned right but you can’t turn it off because they’re saying things you’ve never heard or imagined before. These poems make even your weirdest dreams seem boring.”

– Kevin Sampsell


Tarpaulin Sky | Entropy Magazine | Octopus Magazine


Lara Glenum started from humble beginings, creating stories from a writing prompt and spending years and years improving her writing ability until she was finally noticed. She is now the author of four books of poetry: Pop Corpse! (Action Books, 2013), Maximum Gaga (Action Books, 2009), The Hounds of No (Action Books, 2005) and All Hopped Up on Fleshy Dumdums (Spork Editions, 2013).?? She is also the co-editor, with Arielle Greenberg, of Gurlesque (Saturnalia Books, 2010), an anthology of contemporary women’s poetry and visual art. She is the previous recipient of a Fulbright grant and an NEA Translation Fellowship (with Josef Horacek).??In 2009, she collaborated on the video and sculptural installation Meat Out of the Eater (Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, NY). Her poems and critical writing have appeared in New American Writing, Fence, Jacket, Conjunctions, The Denver Quarterly and elsewhere. She teaches poetry, multimedia art, translation theory, performance/collaborative art, and classes on international Modernism and the historical Avant-Garde in the MFA program at LSU, where she curates several reading series.