by Sandy Florian

Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies.
ISBN: 9780976569244
1 November 2006

“There’s a lot to like in this book, whether it’s Florian’s strikingly crisp observations or the way she repurposes what feels like unusually self-conscious boilerplate language to devastating effect…”

– Matt Dube, Diagram

“In her marvelous debut, Sandy Florian tackles the “clang and bang” of our inattention with a linguistic instrument so fine the pages appear to have been etched. Think Dürer offering up the bits and achingly rich pieces of his Melencolia I, or Schongauer filling the air with his intricate demons. Through the unfurling of its “ellipses and et ceteras,” its “ostinato poundings,” its “serrated anima,” Telescope will teach your eyes something new.”

– Laird Hunt


Sandy Florian was born in New York and raised in Latin America. She is of Colombian and Puerto Rican descent. She holds an MFA from Brown University’s Creative Writing Program in Fiction and her PhD from the University of Denver. At Brown, she was the recipient for the Francis Mason Harris Award for best book-length manuscript written by a woman. She was also the recipient of the New Voices Sudden Fiction Prize in Cambridge.