motherworld: a devotional for the alter-life: Lightbearing Afrofuturism from Destiny Hemphill

The Prelude: Dank, upsurgent pastoralia from Marty Cain

Something Evergreen Called Life: Nightpiercing songs of exile and intimacy from Sudanese poet Rania Mamoun translated by Yasmine Seale

Zakwato & Loglêdou’s Peril: A Double Translation: Wide-awake, ingenious prophecy from Ivorian poet Azo Vauguy translated by Todd Fredson


Surface Studies (Salvo Series #6) by Mike Corrao

Lara Glenum’s Snow White by Lara Glenum

Cute Girls Watch When I Eat Aether by Mai Ivfjäll

midnight minutes by Víctor Rodríguez Núñez. Translated from the Spanish by Katherine M. Hedeen

Friends with Everyone by Gunnar Wærness. Translated by Gabriel Gudding


Burning the Losses by Antonio Gamoneda. Translated from the Spanish by Katherine M. Hedeen and Víctor Rodríguez Núñez

W&E: A Refracted Translation of Wulf and Eadwacer by M.L. Martin

Death at the Very Touch / The Cold by Jaime Sáenz. Translated from the Spanish by Ted Dodson and Kit Schluter

Call the Necromancer by Leia Penina Wilson