Dark Flowers Salvo Series Sale

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Flowers Among the Carrion by James Pate

Essay ISBN: 978-0-900575-92-1 $10   “Too often, the utopianist dreams of a world where all humans reflect back the [...]

Incorruptible Autumn

$20 Receive two new Action Books titles: My Country, Tonight by Josué Guébo, trans. Todd Fredson and OVERPOUR by [...]

My country, tonight by Josué Guébo

Poetry ISBN: 978-0-900575-90-7 Release Date September, 2016 $12 Ivorian poet Josué Guébo’s My country, tonight, translated by Todd Fredson, engages [...]

Overpour by Jane wong

Poetry ISBN:9780900575914 Release Date October, 2016 $12 Jane Wong’s first collection makes a brilliant entrance. Animal, vegetable, mineral, mothers, [...]

Becoming the Virgin by Taylor Jacob Pate

Poetry ISBN: 9780900575990 Release Date: April 2016 $12 Simultaneously enchanting and brutal, taylor jacob pate’s debut book Becoming the [...]

Poor Love Machine by Kim Hyesoon, trans. by Don Mee Choi

Poetry, Translation, Korean Literature Studies, Women's Studies ISBN: 9780900575754 Release Date: April 2016 $12 For decades, Kim Hyesoon—a leading [...]


A Season In Hell: Winter Subscription Receive new Action Books titles: This Blue Novel by Valerie Mejer Caso trans. Michelle [...]

Cheer Up, Femme Fatale by Kim Yideum

Poetry, Translation, Korean Literature Studies ISBN: 9780989804899 Release Date: February 2016 $12 "In Kim Yideum's elegant and grotesque poetry, objective [...]

Valerie Mejer, This Blue Novel

Translated by Michelle Gil-Montero. Poetry. Latin American Literature Series. ISBN: 9780989804875. Release Date: November 2015

Abraham Smith, Ashagalomancy

Poetry. ISBN: 9780989804882. November 2015.

Raúl Zurita, Country of Planks / El País de Tablas

Translated by Daniel Borzutzky Poetry. Latin American Literature Series. Bilingual Edition. ISBN 9780989804851 April 2015 $14

María Negroni, Dark Museum

Translated by Michelle Gil-Montero Literary Nonfiction. Latin American Literature Series. ISBN: 9780989804868 15 January 2015 $8

Hiromi Itō, Wild Grass on the Riverbank

Translated by Jeffrey Angles Poetry. Asian & Asian American Studies. Japan Studies. Women's Studies. ISBN: 9780989804844 Pub Date 1 January 2015 $12

Lucas de Lima, Wet Land

Poetry. LGBTQ Studies. Latin American Literature Series. ISBN: 9780989804820 1 March 2014 $12

Kim Hyesoon, Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream

Translated by Don Mee Choi Finalist for the 2015 PEN Poetry in Translation Poetry. Women's Studies. Korean Literature Series. ISBN: 9780989804813 1 March 2014 $ 12

Abraham Smith, Only Jesus Could Icefish in Summer

Poetry. ISBN: 9780989804837 Pub Date 1 March 2014 $12

Valerie Mejer, Rain of the Future

Edited by C.D. Wright. Translated by A.S. Zelman-Doring, Forrest Gander, and C.D. Wright. Poetry. Latin American Literature Series. ISBN: 9780989804806 1 February 2014 $12

Lara Glenum, Pop Corpse!

Poetry. Drama. ISBN: 9780983148050 1 May 2013 $12

Oliverio Girondo, In the Moremarrow / En la masmedula

Translated by Molly Weigel. Poetry. Latin American Literature Series. Bilingual Edition. ISBN: 9780983148074 15 April 2013 $12

Tytti Heikkinen, The Warmth of the Taxidermied Animal

Translated by Niina Pollari. Poetry. Finnish. Bilingual Edition. Scandinavian Literature Series. ISBN: 9780983148067 15 April 2013 $12

Maria Negroni, Mouth of Hell

Translated by Michelle Gil-Montero Poetry. Latin American Literature Series. Bilingual Edition. ISBN: 9780983148098 15 April 2013 $12

Carl-Michael Edenborg, The Parapornographic Manifesto

Literary Nonfiction. ISBN: 9780983148043 1 April 2013 $8

Jorge Santiago Perednik, The Shock of the Lenders and Other Poems / El shock de los Lender y otras poemas

Translated by Molly Weigel. Poetry. Latin American Literature Series. Bilingual Edition. ISBN: 9780983148081 15 May 2012 $12

Olivia Cronk, Skin Horse

Poetry. ISBN: 9780983148036 7 February 2012 $12

Burning City: Poems of Metropolitan Modernity. Edited by Jed Rasula and Tim Conley

Poetry. Anthology. ISBN: 9780983148029 17 January 2012 $25

Kim Hyesoon, All the Garbage of the World, Unite!

Translated by Don Mee Choi. Poetry. Korean Literature Series. ISBN: 9780983148012 15 November 2011 $12

Peter Richards, Helsinki

Poetry. ISBN: 9780979975554 1 April 2011 $12

Daniel Tiffany, Privado

Poetry. ISBN: 9780983148005 1 April 2011 $12

Abraham Smith, Hank

Poetry. ISBN: 9780979975585 15 October 2010 $12

Raúl Zurita, Song for His Disappeared Love / Canto a Su Amor Desaparecido

Translated by Daniel Borzutzky. Poetry. Latin American Literature Series. Bilingual Edition. ISBN: 9780979975578 15 August 2010 $12

Don Mee Choi, The Morning News Is Exciting

Poetry. Korean Literature Series. ISBN: 9780979975561 1 June 2010 $12

Hiromi Itō, Killing Kanoko: Selected Poems

Translated by Jeffrey Angles. Poetry. Asian & Asian- American Studies. East Asian Studies. Japan Studies. ISBN: 9780979975547 1 December 2009 $12

Lara Glenum, Maximum Gaga

Poetry. ISBN: 9780979975530 1 February 2009 $12

Sandy Florian, The Tree of No

Poetry. Latin American Literature Series. ISBN: 9780979975523 1 December 2008 $12

Kim Hyesoon, Mommy Must Be a Fountain of Feathers

Translated by Don Mee Choi. Poetry. Korean Literature Series. ISBN: 9780979975516 1 February 2008 $12

Jaime Luis Huenún, Port Trakl

Translated by Daniel Borzutzky. Poetry. Chilean. ISBN: 9780979975509 1 January 2008 $12

Abraham Smith, Whim Man Mammon

Poetry. ISBN: 9780976569282 1 October 2007 $12

Brent Hendricks, Thaumatrope

Poetry. ISBN: 9780976569299 1 October 2007 $12

Pentti Saarikoski, The Edge of Europe

Translated by Anselm Hollo. Fiction. Poetry. Finnish.Scandinavian Literature Series. ISBN: 9780976569268 1 September 2007 $12

Laura Solorzano, lip wolf

Translated by Jen Hofer. Poetry. Latin American Literature Series. ISBN: 9780976569275 1 August 2007 $12

Gunnar Björling, You Go the Words

Translated by Fredrik Hertzberg. Poetry. LGBTQ Studies. Translation. Scandinavian Literature Series. ISBN: 9780976569251 1 April 2007 $12

Tao Lin, you are a little bit happier than i am

Poetry. Asian American Studies. ISBN: 9780976569237 30 November 2006 $12

Sandy Florian, Telescope

Poetry. Latin American Literature Series. ISBN: 9780976569244 1 November 2006 $12

Lara Glenum, The Hounds of No

Poetry. ISBN: 9780976569213 1 October 2005 $12

Aase Berg, Remainland

Translated by Johannes Göransson. Poetry. Translation. Scandinavian Literature Series. ISBN: 9780976569206 1 October 2005 $12

Arielle Greenberg, My Kafka Century

Poetry. Jewish Studies. ISBN: 9780976569220 1 October 2015 $12